Our story.


It was friends-at-first-sight for Whidbey Farm & Market owners Shannon Hamilton and Wendi Hilborn when they met 15 years ago.

"Unknown to us, our young sons had become firm friends in daycare and when Wendi and her husband decided to keep their son at home for the summer, the boys were inconsolable," says Shannon.

So, the two moms, who had not yet met, arranged a playdate for the boys in a local park.

"That was it. We were instant friends," says Wendi. And the boys remained friends as well.

Wendi Hilborn and Shannon Anderson

Wendi and her husband, Steve, have lived on and operated Penn Cove Farms for the past 22 years where they custom-raise heifers for dairies.


"Opening a farm stall has always been a dream and once we started raising beef and pork, we realized that the time had come to make the dream a reality," says Wendi. "I just needed a partner to help me get this business started."

Luckily, Shannon shared this dream. A naturally creative person and a Whidbey Island native, Shannon jumped at the opportunity to open Whidbey Island Farm & Market with Wendi.

"If I was to create a job for myself that hit all my strengths as a person, this couldn’t be better. That's why I am leaving my current day job to run the Market full-time," says Shannon.

Our promise.

Whidbey Farm & Market is a passion project for us. We are committed to curating a selection of products from local vendors who are committed to creating sustainable and ethically sourced goods.  Our goal is also to provide farm-fresh produce and humanely raised, pasture-raised beef and pork that are nourishing for you and your family, and good for the planet too!


When you shop our market, you help support our local economy, keeping money within our towns and communities.


Don't just shop, become part of our community. We are creating a space for you to mix and mingle.


Spend the afternoon with us and enjoy our ever-changing roster of family-friendly activities

Image by Gérôme Bruneau

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