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Updated: May 25

On Safari Foods is a woman-owned sustainable catering company based in Seattle's SODO neighborhood. Owner Teresa Carew is passionate about delivering sustainable food that is delicious, nutritious and made by hand. We are proud to be offering a selection of On Safari Foods' frozen pizzas at Whidbey Farm & Market.

"At On Safari Foods, we understand that people want higher quality, better flavors, and the knowledge that what they are putting into their body was raised with care and without harmful pesticides or cruelty," said Teresa. "As a Seattle caterer and food service provider, these issues have a direct effect not just on the food we make, but the way we operate as a company."

We have been carrying On Safari Foods' delicious 12" frozen pizzas for a while. We have tried them all and they are simply scrumptious!

California Pizza Chicken breast, artichokes, pine nuts, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, pesto.

Yuppie Pizza Fig, lamb sausage, red onion, spinach, Monterey Jack cheese, marinara, goat cheese.

Eggplant and Zucchini Pizza [Vegetarian] San Marzano marinara, eggplant, zucchini, caramelized onions.

Holy Creoley Creole pork sausage, roasted sweet onion, roasted peppers, mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce.

Prepare from frozen state.

1. Remove pizza from cardboard pizza round.

2. Place pizza on a metal baking sheet pan.

3. Preheat oven to 350°F.

4. Cook for 35 - 40 minutes or until desired crisp.

5. Remove from oven and sprinkle the fresh cheese (if provided).

6. Let rest for 5 minutes before cutting.

Caution contents will be extremely hot.

Due to variations in equipment, heating time and temperature may require adjustment.

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