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Enjoy Fall at the Market

Welcome to Whidbey Farm & Market.

Located in the heart of Whidbey Island, Whidbey Farm & Market showcases a variety of locally farmed and sourced foods - including our own pasture-raised beef and pork, home goods, crafts and apparel. Stop by for a hot or cold coffee drink from our Espresso Bar or treat yourself to an ice cream. We are open daily from 11.00AM to 6.PM. 

Discover local farmers, food producers and crafters.

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Whidbey Farm & Market beef
Fresh Organic Vegetables
Whidbey Farm & Market products
Ice Cream and Cones

Get your ice cream fix

Which of the 32 flavors of Lopez Island Creamery Ice Cream will you choose?  Or work your way through all our flavors!  Ice cream is available in a cup, a tub or a waffle cone.

Come for the food, stay for the experience.


From a corn maze to fields of flowers, fire pits and games, there are many reasons to bring your family to Whidbey Farm & Market.

Events at Whidbey Farm & Market

  • Pirate Corn Maze & Attractions
    Pirate Corn Maze & Attractions
    Tue, Sep 19
    Oak Harbor
    Sep 19, 7:00 PM – Oct 31, 6:00 PM
    Join the Fall Festivities at Whidbey Farm & Market
  • Whidbey Farm & Market Pumpkin Patch
    Whidbey Farm & Market Pumpkin Patch
    Sat, Sep 30
    Oak Harbor
    Sep 30, 11:10 AM – Oct 31, 6:00 PM
    Bring the kids to pick out gorgeous pumpkins to carve or for decoration
  • Harvest Moon Market
    Harvest Moon Market
    Sat, Oct 14
    Oak Harbor
    Oct 14, 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
    Get ready for a magical event!
  • Haunted Ghost Ship Corn Maze
    Haunted Ghost Ship Corn Maze
    Sat, Oct 28
    Oak Harbor
    Oct 28, 7:00 PM – Oct 29, 10:00 PM
    Are you ready for a ghostly experience this Halloween?

Latest recipes from our kitchen to yours.

Cooking with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients delivers benefits way beyond flavor. Not only are they often healthier than conventionally produced foods and ingredients, you’re supporting your local economy and choosing eco-friendlier options that impact our environment.

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